With long-standing activity in the technology market, TELCOSERV CONSTRUCTIONS became a major manufacturer of specialized telecommunication projects. Considerable experience in telecommunication projects gave us the ability to meet the needs of the clients, with professional excellence.

TELCOSERV CONSTRUCTIONS key advantage is its specialized know-how, which allows to design and implement the most appropriate solution, according to the customer’s needs. In all cases, the company’s objective is the optimal solution for the specific requirements and needs of the project, for which we provide:

  • Studies
  • Project Management – Project Coordination
  • Project Licensing – Handling any official service
  • Implementation of studies – Construction
  • Upgrading existing infrastructure
  • Restoration of structural damage to reinforced concrete by conventional and non-conventional methods following specialized studies
  • Uninterrupted cutting of structural elements following specialized studies
  • Construction of NOVEC 1230 fire extinguishers in special technology areas
  • Installation of air conditioning and ventilation networks in special technology areas
  • Construction of flood prevention and warning devices in underground spaces
  • Construction of electrical networks of electrical network and data network
  • Construction of certified building insulation and waterproof systems
  • Health and security services in construction and plant operation
  • Compilation of N.C.R reports in construction projects
  • Project management services in buildings and infrastructure projects